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Mrs Liz BThanks for doing such a fantastic job on your first visit - it was like coming home to a new house!
Thanks again, I can't believe the difference you have made already.
Best wishes,


Mrs Catherine C.A big thank you to you and the girls for working so hard to get our new house clean - it was very much appreciated.


Miss Heather BThanks for doing such a great job! Cleaning Fairies are always very professional and friendly. They turn up on time and always leave the house looking spotless. They use great products and you don't have to worry about a thing.


Miss Becky QWe have consistently been really impressed with the cleaning you have provided us as well as your professionalism and your positive and friendly attitude.


Mrs Carol TJust to say Thank You very much for the cleaning we were all over the moon it was just fantastic we could not beleive it was the same house everything was so clean and sparkling you all worked very hard, it was so great to just put everything into place today and not to worry about if it was clean or not. Thank You so much again,
Best wishes,


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